DRAFT Schedule for Superstars 2018

TUESDAY 1/30/18

Morning “field trip” options:

  • Garden of the Gods walk guided by Kevin J. Anderson (
  • Manitou Springs walking tour guided by Marie Whittaker

No-host lunch

Set-up – late afternoon (~3pm)

No-host dinner


Craft Day is available as an add-on to the main seminar. There are several workshops occurring simultaneously for you to choose from. There is no need to sign up for individual sessions except that pre-registration is required for Eric Flint’s “How to Begin a Novel.”

8:00 registration opens

8:30 Welcome and introduction

9:30 Workshop 1 (4 options, 2.5 hours, includes one break)

  • “If you build it they will come” – Worldbuilding with Kevin J. Anderson and Character Building with Rebecca Moesta
  • Cover Copy and Synopses with Lisa Mangum and Pam McCutcheon
  • Writing Into the Dark with Dean Wesley Smith
  • How to Begin a Novel with Eric Flint (this workshop is now full)

12:15 – 1:45 Lunch “on your own” OR Lunch with Faculty (optional, $25)

2:00 Workshop 2 (3 options, 2.5 hours, includes one break)

  • “If you build it they will come” Building a Better Magic System with David Farland and Building a Better Monster with Jonathan Maberry
  • Cover Design with James A. Owen
  • Beginnings, Middles and Ends with Jim Butcher

4:45 Q&A with all available faculty

5:15 Concluding remarks

*** 2:00 Garden of the Gods Walk for those not doing craft day ***

6:00 No-host dinner

7:30 First Pages Party with Lisa Mangum, Todd Fahnestock, Chris Mandeville



8:30 Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:00 The Popcorn Theory of Success with Kevin J. Anderson

10:00 Traditional vs Indie Publishing panel

11:00 The Hybrid Author panel

11:45 – 1:15 Lunch “on your own”

1:15 Undercurrents: The Anthology with Lisa Mangum and Kevin J. Anderson

2:15 (4 options)

  • The Economics of Publishing with Eric Flint
  • 16 Indie Publishing Secrets with Mark Coker
  • Ergonomics for Writers with Rebecca Moesta
  • The Art of the Pitch with Lisa Mangum

3:15 (4 options)

  • Discoverability panel discussion
  • Collaboration panel discussion
  • Save Time, Stop Rewriting with Dean Wesley Smith
  • Pitch Practice with Lisa Mangum, Joshua Essoe and Chris Mandeville

4:15 How Good is Your Eggs Benedict? with James A. Owen

5:00 End of Day Q&A panel discussion

5:45 Welcome Mixer

7:30 Pizza and Gaming

7:30 First Pages Party


FRIDAY 2/2/18

8:30 Building your Brand with Jonathan Maberry

9:30 (4 options)

  • Intellectual Property panel discussion
  • Creating a Marketing Plan
  • Publishing by the Numbers with Paul Stevens
  • The Art of the Con: Authors at Conventions

10:30 (4 options)

  • Recharging Your Creative Batteries with David Farland
  • Applying the Marketing Plan panel discussion
  • The Evolution of Smashwords with Mark Coker
  • Pitch Practice with Lisa Mangum, Joshua Essoe and Chris Mandeville

11:30 Planning for the Future with Jim Butcher

12:15 – 1:45 Lunch “on your own”

1:45 (4 options)

  • Ebooks and Indie Publishing with Mark Lefebvre
  • Pre-Order Strategy with Mark Coker
  • Dissecting a Contract with Eric Flint
  • Pitches (by appointment)

 2:45 (4 options)

  • Ebooks Past, Present, and Future panel discussion
  • The Author’s Mailing List panel discussion
  • Subrights with David Farland
  • Pitches (by appointment)

3:45 End of day Q&A panel discussion

4:30 Drawing Out the Dragons with James A. Owen

7:00 VIP Dinner (ticketed event)



7:00 Eggs Benedict Breakfast (ticketed event, now sold out)

8:30 My Career: Newbie to Now with Brandon Sanderson

9:30 (4 options)

  • To Agent or Not to Agent: That is the Question panel discussion
  • Writing, Publishing, and Marketing a Series panel discussion
  • Corporations for Authors with Dean Wesley Smith
  • Intro to eBook Publishing: a Primer for Beginners with Mark Coker

10:30 (4 options)

  • How to Break Into Publishing with David Pomerico
  • Book Distribution panel discussion
  • SF & Fantasy Publishing Companies Today with Brandon Sanderson
  • Pitches (by appointment)

11:30 Self Promo & Tribe Building panel discussion

12:15 – 1:45 Lunch “on your own”

1:45 (4 options)

  • Finding the Balance panel discussion
  • Live Editing with Lisa Mangum
  • Ask Me Anything with Jim Butcher
  • Pitches (by appointment)

 2:45 (4 options)

  • Making Stone Soup: Kickstarter & Patreon with James A. Owen
  • Freelance Editing panel discussion
  • My Ideal Publishing Model with David Pomerico
  • Pitches (by appointment)

 3:45 (3 options)

  • The Writer’s Process with Jonathan Maberry
  • Eleven Tips to Increase Your Productivity with Kevin J. Anderson
  • How to Get Published in the Ring of Fire Series with Eric Flint

4:30 What I’d Tell my Younger Self panel discussion

5:15 Open Q&A with all faculty