Past Classes

Curios how the curriculum is presented? Below is a listing of the 2013 schedule so you can get idea of what the experience of a Superstars seminar is like.


8:00 AM Intro, seminar overview, introduce speakers
8:30 The Popcorn Theory of Success Kevin J. Anderson
9:30 It’s Business: How Publishing Economics Works Eric Flint
10:30 Windup and the Pitch (pitches, queries, proposals, treatments) Tracy Hickman, James Owen, Lisa Mangum, Kevin J. Anderson
1:00 PM Get ‘em While They’re Young: Young Adult James Owen, Tracy Hickman, Rebecca Moesta
2:00 The Romance Industry: If I Knew Then What I Know Now Joan Johnston
3:00 “Dirty Secrets”: Being a Professional Author Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta
4:00 A Day in the Life at a Major Publishing House Jim Minz
4:45–5:30 open Q&A session Joan, Tracy, James, Rebecca

6–8 PM: Welcome mixer/reception


8:30 AM Ebooks and Indy Publishing Mark Leslie LeFebvre
9:30 Do It Yourself: Kindle, Kobo, PubIt, CreateSpace, Kickstarter Mark LeFebvre, Tracy Hickman, Rebecca Moesta
10:30 Different Paths: Major House, Indy Writer, or Hybrid? Mark LeFebvre, Jim Minz, Kevin J. Anderson
1:30 Getting Noticed: Self-Promotion for Authors—Spiking Your Sales Mark LeFebvre, Peter Wacks, Jim Minz, Joan Johnston, Lisa Mangum
2:30 Cracking the Code: What Are Editors Really Looking For? Jim Minz, Lisa Mangum, Kevin J. Anderson, Tracy Hickman
3:30 Two Heads Are Better Than One: Collaborating Kevin J. Anderson, Eric Flint, Tracy Hickman, Rebecca Moesta
4:30 Drawing out the Dragons James A. Owen
5:15–6:00 Open session: Q&A Kevin, Mark, Jim, Eric

7 PM VIP Dinner: McKenzie’s Steakhouse


8:30 AM A Brief Primer on Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property M. Scott Boone
9:00 Future Tense Tracy Hickman
10:00 Building Your Network Rebecca Moesta, James A. Owen, Tracy Hickman, Lisa Mangum
11:00 Dissecting a Contract Eric Flint
1:30 Agents: The “A” Word Tracy Hickman, James Owen, Joan Johnston
2:30 Eleven Tips to Increase Your Writing Productivity Kevin J. Anderson
3:30 Being a Writer and a Real Person at the Same Time All
4:30 Open session: Q&A