Considering joining us for an upcoming seminar? Here’s what just a few of our past and repeat attendees had to say about their experience!

Superstars taught me that I need to write a lot, for a long time, and make my dreams happen. I will definitely come back again and again. They believe in me and that’s awesome.

– Katie Cross

As a first time Superstars attendee, I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I was ready for such an intensive [seminar]. I’d heard of the tribe, but couldn’t fully define what it was. Even before coming, I felt welcomed by everyone, and that made my time more rewarding, I’m now part of the Tribe, and nothing can be better.

– Austin DeMarco

For any author who wants to take control of his or her career, this is the seminar to attend. More than a wealth of information, these professionals are some of the most dynamic and supportive writers on the planet.

– Marta Sprout

Talking with the talent here at this seminar, not just the lecturers but the staff and the attendees too, beats any amount of money spent on writing books and classes. Do those too, but you’ll talk with an author who has fifty years in the game and two hundred titles on his backlist, and aces will just drop from his sleeve. Just one of them will change your life as a writer. Reach out. Get involved. Join the tribe.

– Brad Hankinson

This is the next level of author training. Without a doubt the most powerful, effective and practical professional author event I have attended since my first intro into the writing workshop circuit. This is JEDI KNIGHT training.

– Aaron Michael Ritchey

Superstars is an experience that not only is essential in building a writing career, but is a step into an extended family, a tribe, where we cheer each other on, lift each other up, and do not let each other fall. It is an honor and a privilege to learn from the best in the industry.

– Ramón Terrell

This is the gold standard for learning how to be a professional author. The business of writing can be daunting; Superstars teaches you how to bridge the gap between writing and creating a writing career. Highly recommended.

– Sarah and Dan Hoyt

SUPERSTARS is the only seminar were writers can learn what professional writers need to know. The industry intelligence is up-to-the-minute, and unvarnished − but sweetened by the warmth and camaraderie the SUPERSTARS foster throughout. SUPERSTARS won’t blind you about how tough it is to be a writer – but they make it a lot less lonely.

– Anthony Dobranski

Look, I have a chance to make an impact in my day job. So I have been torn about pursuing writing. Now, I have no doubt, and I look forward to growing up, [finding] my tribe, and changing the world with my words.

– Helen Savore

If you are a writer, if you are serious about telling stories, then this is your tribe, this is the place for you. Stop thinking about it and come play with us!

– Robert J. McCater

Three days packed with everything there is to know about the business and practice of attaining a long-lasting writing career.

– Robin Reed

Superstars has increased my overall understanding of writing as a business a thousand-fold. The lectures, one-on-one instruction & networking have helped me mature tremendously as a writer.

– Nathan Dodge

There are contacts and there are opportunities to interact with others like you in life, but you will never find a community of sisters and brothers who are more supportive of you as a beginning writer than Superstars.

– CJ Erick

Superstars Writing Seminars is a dynamic learning experience for any writer, whether you are an experienced writer or someone just starting out. The information is timely and presented by people that know their field, professionals that are actively and successfully working in the field. Come join the tribe.

– Eva Eldridge

Even as a top selling Indie author on Amazon, the learning experience was top notch. I got information straight from the people who have gone through it before and risen to the top of the heap.

– Doug Dandridge

There is nowhere on the planet that teaches the business of being a writer better than Superstars. It will forever be on my schedule and a part of my professional life.

– Kevin Ikenberry

There is no better preparation for a writing career and I loved it.

– Richard Dowker

In the year between my first and second Superstars, I went from a hopeful, unpublished author to an independently published author of four novels, making a living wage from my writing. That transformation wouldn’t have been possible without Superstars.

– Alex P. Berg

Superstars is one of the most eye-opening, inspiring, and mind-expanding experiences. The seminar is phenomenal.

– Amanda McCarter

This is the single best place to find a community which will help you launch your career as a writer.

– John D. Payne

I have never felt as enabled to really make a career of this as I am now. I learned a TON and it’s all stuff that will help me navigate the professional world. I highly recommend it for anyone ready to get serious.

– Richard Ryan English

I expected to learn a lot about the business of writing, but I didn’t expect the many one-on-one opportunities to speak with amazing authors or the friendships that I would develop. Engaging and mind-opening on so many levels.

– Christopher Baxter

The best place to learn, be mentored, encouraged, have unexpected opportunities and enjoy the company of other up and coming writers, not to mention access to pros and editors, who will take time to talk with and answer questions. Not a norm for most writing conferences.

– Dana Bell

I’ve attended three years in a row. There is always new content, but I come for the tribe. I have made more meaningful friends and contacts than I ever did at other conventions. Superstars is what I use to rejuvenate each year and chase the writing dream even further.

– Quincy J. Allen

I enjoyed attending – more than that, I enjoyed the supportive atmosphere and the positivity built into every aspect of the seminar.

– Marina J. Lostetter

If you want a career writing fiction, if you want to learn the business of professional fiction writing, if you want to join an amazing group of people, if you want to have your mind blown for three days straight, attending Superstars is the best thing you can do for yourself.

– Travis Heermann

I am a fairly cynical and jaded person, but this was perhaps the most uplifting, motivating, and transformative event that I have ever attended.

– Sean Golden

This is an essential experience for any writer who wants to take their career seriously – in equal parts educational and inspirational.

– Josh Vogt

For three consistent years, my choice to attend Superstars Writing Seminars as my sole “writing workshop” has only been amazing. With publishing constantly changing – to continuously have relevant guest instructors and breakout panels is very much appreciated and anticipated.

– Victoria Morris

There are a lot of conferences and workshops that teach the craft of writing, and I’ve attended many of them. But Superstars is the only seminar I know that teaches the business aspects of being a writer. If I could only attend one writing conference a year, it would be the Superstars Writing Seminar.

– Dianna T. Read

Superstars, in my experience, is a unique opportunity. A lot of people offer classes on how to write. This focuses on the business end of being a writer. Going to this, you get access to many professionals in related fields – writers, editors, artists, lawyers. There’s also a chance to network with many writers at your level or above. It’s a great chance to learn a lot about many things most workshops never touch on. Superstars also creates a very special bond between attendees which can last a long time and open doors. If you’re serious about your writing, Superstars is something you should really look into at least once.

– Wayland Smith

This was my first year attending. I am so glad I did. There is more to being a successful writer than “just writing.” You have to be savvy as to what happens after you are offered a contract. Learning the business end of being a successful writer is essential. This conference delivered that and so much more. I’m already booked for next year.

– Amanda Faith

Even More Amazing Experiences!

I’ve been in and around the field for 40+ years, and this is the best source for professional career development.

– New York Times bestselling author Todd McCaffrey

When you reach the stage as a writer where you’re producing great work, there’s nothing better you can do for your career than attend a professional writer’s conference that focuses on the business side of writing: Superstars Writing Seminar. This three-day event features best-selling authors, experienced editors, and market experts who are not only top in their fields, but highly professional, knowledgeable about the current marketplace, and 100% focused on helping each attendee learn and grow in their writing careers. Workshops feature topics like the ins and outs of publishing traditionally vs. “indie,” creating top-quality covers and cover copy, how to price your book and where to sell it, pitching your book concept, and strategies for discoverability, productivity, and sustainability. I’ve been working in the publishing industry for more than ten years and writing for twice that long, and I gained valuable knowledge attending SSWS that I’ve not been exposed to in all my years of attending writing events. What impressed me the most was the care and personal attention given by the faculty and guest instructors, the result of which is a culture of generosity and support unparalleled in our industry. If you want to take your writing career to the next level, I highly recommend Superstars Writing Seminar.

– Chris Mandeville—Author of 52 Ways to Get Unstuck: Exercises to Break Through Writer’s Block, Former President of Pikes Peak Writers

I am amazed at what Superstars Writing Seminars does for fiction writers in the early stages of their careers. The chance to learn the ins and outs of the writing business from some of the biggest names in speculative fiction, along with the opportunity to meet fellow writers dedicated to the craft, left me feeling that I accomplished in three days what it might otherwise have taken me three years (or more, probably much more) to figure out on my own. The first thing I did when the seminar ended was to sign up again for the following year.

– Steve Ruskin

I’m going to share with you my experience at the inaugural Superstars event back in 2010, and how it utterly changed the course of my life.

At that time I was a struggling veteran of the real estate business as the housing industry bit the dust. I worked the same 60-70 hour weeks that I do now, except back then, almost all of it went unpaid as loans fell apart, clients lost their jobs, and banks foreclosed on houses. My little family was circling the drain, selling spare clothes, tools, “extra” furniture, taking cans down to the recycling center, only buying off coupons. . . .

Then one day I saw something about the seminar on Brandon Sanderson’s site. I’d been writing every day for a year and I felt I was ready to learn more about this business I dreamed of being a part of. So, with my wife’s support, I borrowed enough money to get admission, buy a couple tanks of gas for the drive down the California coast to Pasadena, pay for three nights in a not totally frightening hotel, and a little extra to scrape together a few meals. I was even able to attend the V.I.P. dinner and sit at Brandon Sanderson’s table to chat and pick his brain for a couple of hours. That alone, as it turned out, was worth the risk of this trip.

Over the next three days, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, David Farland, Eric Flint, and Brandon Sanderson poured lifetimes of knowledge, wisdom, and advice about all aspects of the publishing industry into us. We learned about contracts, negotiation, self-promotion, genre markets, Hollywood, pitching . . . It was scary, it was overwhelming, it was exhausting, and it was one of the most awesome things I’ve ever done for myself.

After that, I found myself replete with the tools and the knowledge that I needed to push forward, work hard, and make things start to happen. Now here I am, a panelist alongside the very people who helped raise me up. I am grateful, I am amazed, and I am content.

Now, your experience and your situation may not be similar to mine, but I guarantee that if you attend, you will also come away richer than you went in; knowledge, contacts, friends, and the amazing culture of support that has sprung up around this seminar between the alumni, the instructors, and the guests. We call it the tribe.

I have a deep well of respect and love for Kevin J. Anderson and his wife Rebecca Moesta for creating this amazing experience. Who knows? Without them, their support, and their confidence over the years, my wife, myself, and our horrible cats might have stopped circling the drain and gone down it. Thank you.

– Joshua Essoe

On the very first morning of the Superstars Writing Seminar, I made a discovery: as Kevin J. Anderson introduced himself, I found myself grinning. And for the next three days, that grin did not go away.

Why was I grinning? Because as Kevin explained his life story and how he got to where he is today, I said to myself, “That’s MY story! That’s just what happened to me!” I thought the same thing all weekend; everyone there, from seasoned pro to aspiring new writer, had the same experiences, the same love of stories and the drive to tell their own. I grinned because I belonged.

And for me, that was the most important but unspoken lesson of Superstars. It brushes off the mystique of “Pro Writer” and says: These pros are just like you and me, only farther down the trail. And they want to show us the trail and encourage us to join them. They believe you can do this. You should too.

– Martin L. Shoemaker

Should writers bother to go to SuperStars? What if the writer already knows it all? What if the workshop is a waste of money? Sure, that’s fair to ask. Since everyone always wants to know what’s at this workshop for them, I’ll give a run-down of options and reasons writers should go.

If you’re new to the business side of writing, go to SuperStars to learn about the basics: secrets of the writing world (copyediting mistakes to avoid, how to not be a jerk), how to be successful at a Con, what editors are looking for, common traps to avoid.

If you’ve been around for a while and been actively involved by sending stories out consistently, or shopping for an agent then go for the intermediate information: negotiating contracts, IP/trademark/copyright law, how to read a contract, what to ask for in a movie option or how to make money in Hollywood, what to look for in an agent or editor; do you even need one? How about an entire weekend of helping you weigh the options of traditional publishing vs. self or indie publishing? They’ll have that, too.

But if you feel jaded or depressed–maybe you’ve done it all and have nowhere to go except to continue to sell and convince people you’re here in the business to stay either until you die or they take out a restraining order on you–then go for the unlearning past negative thinking. Go for the positive energy. Go for the unexplainable feeling that you finally feel like you’ve found home carved from a rock in the middle of a desert, where there is an amazing supply of fresh water and food.

Feed your writing soul. Go to SuperStars. Seriously, just go. If not for the best Eggs Benedict you’ll ever have, or the endless inside jokes on purple unicorn, then go because they’ve got people waiting to initiate you into the tribe. If you’ve been looking for a place to feel you belong, then stop. I found it for you.”

-Tina Smith, writing as Tina Gower

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