Our Students

What does it mean to attend Superstars?

Maybe some of our alumni can tell you…

“If you want to succeed, you watch what successful people are doing, and when you get a chance, you listen and learn. The wisdom and experience of Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, and David Farland is not only good for a weekend, but an entire career.” — Scott Nicholson, author of The Red Church, They Hunger, and other novels.

“You’d be hard put to find anyone you understands what it takes to be a writer better than Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta.” — Robert J. Defendi, game writer, novelist, Writers of the Future winner.

“Kevin and Rebecca use their awesome powers of bestsellerdom to pull back the curtain and wipe away the romanticism from the cogs and wheels of the writing business machine. They are both accessible and down-to-earth, conveying realistic guidelines so steeped in common sense, you leave wondering why you didn’t realize how it all fit together in the first place.” — Alethea Kontis, New York Times bestselling author.

“Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca Moesta taught me everything I needed to know about becoming a successful professional writer. And not just becoming one, but surviving and thriving as one as well. If you’re serious about pursuing a career in fiction, their advice will be like rocket fuel. Listen close, and brace for lift-off!” — Sean Williams, Australia’s best-selling science fiction writer, author of The Force Unleashed (#1 New York Times bestseller).

“Six years ago I walked into Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta’s seminar, a young turk fired up to write The Book that would have the world recognize my literary genius. A few hours later I left determined to be a ‘professional writer’. The paradigm shift in my thinking was massive and made all the difference to me having a career doing the job I love. I learned more about the business of being a professional writer in that time than I had managed to in years of listening to other writers. Subsequently I have sat in on their seminars half a dozen times and each time I learn something new. Ideally I’d get to take the seminar every six months or so and eventually I might come close to absorbing everything these guys have to say about the business of writing.” — Steven Savile, #1 international bestselling author of Silver and Primeval: Shadow of the Jaguar.

“Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta know the secrets of the writing business, and they’re willing to share that knowledge. Their practical advice for advancing my writing career has been invaluable.” — Eric James Stone, Nebula award winning author and editor.

“I spent a number of years wallowing in unpublished obscurity. Not much changed until I started educating myself at the feet of top professionals. All five of the core Superstars speakers,and each of their several guest speakers, deliver top-notch career advice. This is not a craft class nor is it a critique workshop. It’s a no-holds-barred crash-course in how to perform and conduct yourself as a professional fiction author. All of which works. I know. I came from the bottom up and have been enjoying my share of the pro pie, with the best yet to come. Everything I’ve learned from Kevin, Rebecca, Dave, Eric, Brandon, Dean Wesley Smith, et cetera, has been directly applicable in my professional fiction business. Because that’s the key. Pros run their business like pros. They give themselves goals and deadlines and they plan and they prepare for contingencies and above all else they produce. And this production gets results. I can’t think of a group better equipped to prepare writers for lives as fiction professionals, than the Superstars Writing Seminars bunch.” — Brad R. Torgersen, Hugo award, Nebula award, and Campbell award nominee.

“Dave Wolverton’s workshop is a hands on Master’s Course in developing all aspects of your novel. Whether you’re interested in making the transition to professional author or are already published and wish to facilitate your move to the next level, Dave will give you the skill set necessary to make it happen. It is rare to find such an in-depth analysis of both craft, as well as a thorough examination of the publishing business, offered with such frank generosity. This class will motivate you to reach higher and dig deeper. I highly recommend it.” — Day Leclaire, author of more than 50 novels, ten-time nominee for Romance Writers of America RITA Award.

“Aside from being a talented writer, David Farland is an excellent writing teacher. Hearing him teach live and reading his written advice has helped me focus many of my own thoughts about the writing process. Those who would like to learn more about the craft of writing would be wise to pay attention.” — Brandon Mull, author of the New York Times bestselling Fablehaven series.

“Kevin and Rebecca’s course gave me the information and tactics I needed to break out as a writer in fields such as comics, television, and books. The ideas they presented helped take me from an ‘aspiring writer’ to ‘professional.'” — Jake Black, (Authorized Ender Companion [Tor, 2009], Ben 10: Alien Force [Cartoon Network, 2009], Smallville [Warner Home Video, 2006-present]).

“Kevin and Rebecca cut through the typical workshop b.s. with a focused blast of knowledge aimed entirely, and honestly, on what it takes to become a pro author. Their seminar was filled with genuine passion for the career and candid advice that forever changed the way I look at writing fiction. I sold my first book less than two months later, and know, 100%, I never even would have submitted it if I hadn’t first met Kevin and Rebecca.” — Geoffrey Girard, author of 70 short stories in five years, including three books (Tales of the Jersey Devil; Tales of the Atlantic Pirates; Tales of the Eastern Indians).

“After publishing a number of stand-alone novels, I decided to create my first mystery series. Fortunately, before getting too bogged down in the details, I heard about David Farland’s intensive week-long writing workshop. Hey, why not learn directly from the world-building genius himself? Dave turned out to be a delightful mix of analytical teacher and creative explorer. The information he imparted was challenging enough for the published authors in the class, but presented in a way that newbies could learn from it as well. I’ll definitely be refreshing my writing with more classes from David Farland.” — Carolyn Greene, award-winning author of romance and mystery novels. When she’s not writing, she teaches plotting workshops and is known as The Plot Doctor.

“I first met Dave when I was in college. I was lost, wandering around in the literary bushes, and saw he was giving a writing workshop with Shayne Bell.

“I’d read Dave’s On My Way To Paradise and loved it, so I signed up. I learned more about story telling in that three-session workshop than I had in years of creative writing classes. Dave’s instruction led directly to me writing a story that made the quarter-finalist cut in the Writers of the Future contest, and then another that won a quarterly first prize, which also meant $2,000 in prize money plus a paid trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida where I got to see the space shuttle launch and participate in a week-long workshop with various writing professionals. Two years later I took Dave’s novel-writing workshop which led to more critical insights.

“Dave’s instruction has been invaluable. It not only started me on the path to writing stories I cared about and believed in (and which editors were eager to buy), but it also helped me along the way to write the novel that landed me an agent and then a three-book contract with Tor.” — John Brown, prize-winning author of Servant of a Dark God.