Mark Leslie Lefebvre

Mark Leslie Lefebvre is the former Director of Self Publishing and Author Relations for Rakuten Kobo, where he was the driving force behind the creation of Kobo Writing Life (  a free, easy-to-use author/small-publisher friendly platform designed to publish directly to Kobo’s global catalog in 190 countries. Less than five years after it was launched, Kobo Writing Life established itself as the #1 single source of weekly global unit sales for Kobo and, in primarily English language territories, responsible for 1 in every 4 eBooks sold.

A former president of the Canadian Booksellers Association, and a previous board member of BookNet Canada, Mark’s experience in the publishing and bookselling industry spans more than three decades where he has worked at almost every type of brick and mortar, online and digital bookstore.He thrives on innovation, particularly in relation to digital publishing opportunities, and has run a successful POD business as well as his own publishing and digital consulting business (Stark Publishing).

Mark’s first published story was a short YA humour tale that was released in 1992, the year he graduated from Carleton University. From that point on, most of Mark’s writing fell into the “Twilight Zone” camp of fiction – most closely associated with horror, but also including elements of science fiction and fantasy. His first published horror story “Phantom Mitch” appeared in Wicked Mystic magazine in October of 1993 and received honourable mention in The Year’s Best Fantasty & Horror #7 (Datlow & Windling). Since then, Mark has had dozens of speculative stories published in various magazines and anthologies including StardustBound for EvilBluffs, Fear of the DarkTesseracts Seventeen, and Fiction River:Sparks. In 2004, well before digital and self-publishing became more mainstream, Mark collected previously published works in One Hand Screaming.

Mark has edited a volume in the award-winning anthology series Tesseracts with Tesseracts Sixteen: Parnassus Unboundas well as North of Infinity IICampus Chills. He is currently one of the editors for the WMG Publishing original Fiction River anthology series headed up by Series Editors Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch, as editor of Editor’s ChoiceFeel the Fear and Feel the Love, where is is also a regular writing business instructor for WMG’s Business of Publishing Master Class.

An author who has fully embraced hybrid publishing, Mark pens a series of paranormal ghost story books (what John Robert Colombo calls “tales told as true”) for Dundurn, Canada’s largest independent publisher. Those titles include Haunted Hamilton: The Ghosts of Dundurn Castle & Other Steeltown Shivers (2012) Spooky Sudbury: True Tales of the Eerie & Unexplained (2013 – co-authored with Jenny Jelen), Tomes of Terror: Haunted Bookstores and Libraries (2014), Creepy Capital: Ghost Stories of Ottawa and the National Capital Region (2016) and Haunted Hospitals: Eerie Tales about Hospitals, Sanatoriums and Other Institutions (2017- co-authored with Rhonda Parrish) and the forthcoming Macabre Montreal: Ghostly Tales, Ghastly Events and Gruesome True Stories (co-authored with Shayna Krishnasamy)

Mark’s novels include I, DeathEvasion and A Canadian Werewolf in New York with forthcoming releases Fear and Longing in Los AngelesCoversion and Commune. You can find Mark via most social media via @MarkLeslie