Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn in the recordings from this three-day nuts-and-bolts workshop taught by successful and bestselling writers as well as other industry pros:

  • Seminar (1 of 1)-15 The secret to making your manuscript stand apart from the rest and command the attention of agents, editors, and publishers.
  • How to multiply your writing productivity and potentially your income.
  • How successful insiders pitch the “big proposal” to editors, agents, and movie producers.
  • The potential for success, how to avoid pitfalls, and what publishing changes are on the horizon. Is the fast-paced landscape of electronic publishing really the key to the future?
  • The little known “behind the scenes” preparations that successful authors make for the release of a major novel that underachieving authors never even think about.
  • Dirty little insider secrets of the writing business — simply knowing them will allow you to foresee and sidestep disasters.
  • Five techniques for exploiting an intellectual property in Hollywood and elsewhere.
  • Seminar (1 of 1)-23The right way to introduce yourself to editors, agents, and movie producers and how to get yourself in front of them.
  • The truth about the TV image of a successful author.  Here’s how success can be achieved, but don’t buy into some pipe dream.
  • What to do on a day when you just can’t write.  Overcome mental roadblocks that stand between you and success.
  • Writing tricks that have turned struggling new writers like J.K. Rowling into sensations.
  • Seminar-2Why investing in your writing education is essential to achieving your dreams. Why it’s more effective to learn from real, in-the-trenches authors who have proven highly successful, than to study with college professors.
  • Why 98% of wanna-be authors fail simply because they never take the next step.
  • How you can find the motivation to work toward your writing goal consistently, every day, until you get there.

Other Topics May Include

  • From Newbie to Bestseller in 4 years — with Brandon Sanderson
  • How Publishing Economics Works — with Eric Flint
  • Building your Network
  • Indie Publishing and E-books
  • Self Promotion for Authors
  • Popcorn Theory of Success — with Kevin J. Anderson
  • Myths of Publishing — Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta
  • Negotiating
  • Climbing the Slush Pile
  • Dissecting a Contract — with Eric Flint
  • Eleven Tips to Writing Productivity
  • Copyright Basics — with Dean Wesley Smith
  • Agents
  • Dirty Secrets — Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta
  • Drawing Out the Dragons — special presentation with James A. Owen!
  • Ergonomics — with Rebecca Moesta
  • Audience Analysis — with Dave Wolverton (Farland)
  • Windup and the Pitch
  • Young Adult
  • Intellectual Property
  • Being a Writer in Real Life

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