Don Hodge

In 2015 the SSWS Scholarship Fund was renamed “The Don Hodge Memorial Scholarship Fund” in memory of Superstars’ beloved Tribe member, Don Hodge.

GordoDon Hodgen Wright Hodge (Don) passed away at age 68 on August 14, 2015 after a three-month battle with cancer. After serving in Germany as a US Army Captain, Don had a successful career as a mainframe computer programmer, science fiction author, and businessman. He spent the majority of his career and life in Western Pennsylvania, then enjoyed ten years in sunny Arizona.

Don came to writing later in life, and devoted his considerable energies to learning everything he could about the business and craft. He was an attendee at four Superstars conferences and made an indelible impression upon the Tribe with his indomitable spirit and love for learning.

The SSWS scholarship was renamed to honor Don because he was such a memorable and beloved member of the Superstars Tribe. It is a fitting way to remember a writer who so loved to learn about writing and who so loved other writers.